Hello NG!

2011-09-20 13:08:47 by Bassmeisters

Have a nice day and remember to listen to some sweet music!

Ciao Bella!

2011-02-20 06:22:11 by Bassmeisters

I'm almost done with my new track "Not Responsible" :D it has been a hell of a ride producing music and tryin' to keep up the school, homework n' stuff xD I also gonna upload a track called "I'm so bored" which is one of the first tracks I've produced in FL Studio 9! It's a little "Basshunter look alike" but still good! Anyhow - Have a nice weekend ya'll! :D

//Frede - Bassmeisters


2010-12-22 08:18:06 by Bassmeisters

I'm about to die because of my hangovers from last night! But hey it was a sick-ass party! :D I'm glad that you people on NG like my music xD its AWESOMENESS! Ohh btw... Merry Christmas everyone!

I wonder...

2010-12-20 11:46:53 by Bassmeisters

I was thinking about something! If I wanna upload a remix that includes vocal from the original song. But is there a possibility that I will be "kicked" from Newgrounds! Because during the time I have made many remixes, I would like to share on NG! I hope that someone outthere has an answer to my questions?!

Yay ^^,

2010-12-18 13:58:32 by Bassmeisters

YAY! I finally got approved here on Newgrounds, and I'm now able to continue submitting my newest productions xD After about 10 days of waiting time! Uploadings BOOOOM FTW!!!

Ciaaao xD

2010-12-14 14:59:47 by Bassmeisters

Currently I am waiting for Newgrounds to approve my first contribution to the audio portal. There should be around a week of waiting time so I must be patient: D LOL! Can't wait!